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Venhouse Financial Planning (Venhouse) was established in 1987 and acted as a financial planning consultancy to provide professional wealth management solutions to deal with clients’ liabilities and achieve various investment objectives. With more than 100 professional financial planners, Venhouse is now one of the leading financial planning consultancies in Hong Kong. Venhouse spends greate resources in developing web base information system to assist their financial planners to provide services to clients and manage their business.


2006, BeeMedia has been appointed to responsible for revamp the website for Venhouse, at the same time, to consider be worth of the development, there are some further ideas work out, to well perform the integrity and communication between Venhouse and their financial planners, BeeMedia suggested to create a web financial planner portal which target to strength communication with their financial planners and clients.


The function of web portal included “Messaging System”, “Document Corner”, “Individual/Public Calendar”, “Financial Checking Report”, “Shopping System”, “Online Studying System”, “E-card System”, “Customer Service System”, “Bulletin”, “Client’s Corner”, etc…


Late of 2011, at one review meeting between Venhouse and BeeMedia, to discussed about how to enhance the web system with some new functions and mainly focus on mobility. We both agree should facilitate almost outgoing working financial planners to access the web portal, how to do it? We think of about Web and Mobile, of course the final decision is to go for mobile. BeeMedia has develop a Mobile Apps as the second channel to access the web “FP” portal, Android version has been launched on 2013 and iOS version is planning on foot to launch in late of 2014, there are a synchronization platform between Web Portal and Mobile Apps portal, the feedback of the application is expected good and met the goal to reduce time consuming of accessing related information by Computer only.


BeeMedia appreciated to work with Venhouse for over 7 years, there are launched many enhancements and the major enhancements is on 2012. This is one of our great job so far, we love this job, and looks like client are too.


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Venhouse  Financial  Planning  Ltd. 鐶安財務策劃
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WCMS, Mail System, Message System, Online Study Portal, e-Card System, Shopping System, Customer Service Portal, Document Management System, Mobile Apps

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