ADAM 藝全人 香港展能藝術會



Methodist Centre 循道衛理中心


Venhouse Financial Planning Ltd. 鐶安財務策劃

Venhouse Financial Planning (Venhouse) was established in 1987 and acted as a financial planning consultancy to provide professional wealth management solutions to deal with clients’ liabilities and achieve various investment objectives. With more than 100 professional financial planners, Venhouse is now one of the leading financial planning consultancies in Hong Kong. ...

GOME 國美電器

GOME is one of leading worldwide Consumer Electronics Chain Store in Greater China. Company listed on China and Hong Kong Equity Market. To maintain and enhance the Branding, BeeMedia has been appointed to be the Web Design service contractor at 2009, and to overall review and provide revamp solution on the corporate main website. To consider the functionality of the website ...

Okashiland 零食物語


Hang Yick Property Management 恒益物業管理

Hang Yick Properties Management Limited (Hang Yick), a member of Henderson Land Development Company Limited, has been established for more than 30 years since 1974. It has integrated innovation along with the objective of “growing with society”, and aimed to provide professional and superior property mangement service to different customers, and enhancing the living quality...

BeLLE 百麗

BeLLE Group is the largest retailer of ladies’ footwear in the Greater China region. It comprise of self owned brands: BeLLE, MiraBelle, Joy-Peace, JipiJapa, etc... From 2007, BeeMedia has been appointed as the main and unique web development provider for the group to provide branding website design and e-marketing service.


AM730 is a leading of Hong Kong Newspaper & Media institution, they providing fast and diversity of most update News and Information to publics. SunnyVision is responsible to develop a web base