GOME 國美電器


GOME is one of leading worldwide Consumer Electronics Chain Store in Greater China. Company listed on China and Hong Kong Equity Market. To maintain and enhance the Branding, BeeMedia has been appointed to be the Web Design service contractor at 2009, and to overall review and provide revamp solution on the corporate main website. To consider the functionality of the website, Web-based Content Management System (WCMS) is one of the key factors on the production, GOME concerns the contents updating flexibility on website, and BeeMedia has provided a user-friendly WCMS backend for the new website, which is function available for multi-sections contents update.


From 2009, there are over 10 times public announcements (Included Annual Results Investor Presentation and Interim results Announcement) for GOME. As a listed company, the result announcement is required publish to all via internet channel, BeeMedia has been appointed as the video casting handler to perform service of “Video Shooting”, “Video Editing and Encoding” and “Web Streaming” with a tailor-made presentation web platform for the information (mainly video and ppt) announcement via Internet.


Our shooting cue is professional to work for any casting and photo/video shooting like the case of GOME.


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GOME  國美電器
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